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India’s Kimbho chat messenger from Patanjali to Compete with Whatsapp

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Swami Ramdev baba’s Patanjali has announced its Swadesi text and video chat app called Kimbho to compete with Foreign-owned WhatsApp. Like other chatting apps Kimbho also supports videos, photos, doodle, stickers and GIFs etc. The app also supports video chatting and also users can draw doodles to share with their friends. The app claims to offer all the multimedia support features that WhatsApp is offering.

The Kimbho chat is Patanjali Baba Ramdev’s “Swadeshi” answer to WhatsApp. Patanjali spokesperson SK Tijarawala tweeted, “Now India will talk. After launching SIM cards, Baba Ramdev has launched a new messaging application called Kimbho. Now WhatsApp will be given competition.”

Whats in the name “Kimbho”

Patanjali spokesperson SK Tijarawala tweeted in Hindi Explaining the name,“Kimbho in Sanskrit means what’s going on and what’s the news.”

Kimbho Highlights:

The Kimbho app by Patanjali supports location sharing support as well. You can share your location with your friends on the chat app.

The Kimbho chat app  to be AES end-to-end encrypted like WhatsApp. Encrypted means your data is safe, only the sender and the receiver of the message can see the content. If anyone tries to intercept the message then it will appear as encrypted.

Kimbho chat app also claimed support to auto-deletion of messages i.e messages with an expiry time and period.

Like other chatting applications like WhatsApp, the Kimbho app needs access to device permissions like mic, phone, contacts, device ID, photos, multimedia, camera and others. Where you can give access to what you want to.

Kimbho Removed from Playstore:

Kimbho chat was launched on Google Play (Android) and App Store (Apple) on May 30, 2018. But within 24 hours of the launch, the app was taken down because of some technical glitches as said by the company.

The Kimbho Chat app on Twitter informed that due to “high traffic” they are upgrading Kimbho’s servers and will be back shortly. “We are facing extremely high traffic on Kimbho. We are in process of upgrading our servers and will be back shortly. Sorry for the inconvenience. Please stay tuned,” said the Kimbho Chat app via Twitter.

Patanjali spokesperson SK Tijarawala told Foxbuff that Kimbho was a one-day test run for technical learnings.

“We were only testing it for learnings and over 1.5 lakh people downloaded it. Our app is no longer available and Patanjali cannot take responsibility for duplicate apps in Playstore. Our app will come back again soon after we are absolutely sure of all technical issues, and we will beat WhatsApp. We will never sell private consumer data,” he said.

As an Indian, I feel proud that someone took the initiative to create India’s own chatting app. I also request other Indian’s to support there try and stop trolling. I also feel that India should have there own social media, Search engine etc Because we cant trust foreign players and also with Indian companies there will be huge job opportunities coming up. We will update the link to download once approved by the developers.

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