Sleepy behind the wheel ! Some cars can tell you – Driver drowsiness detection

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Vehicle Sensors To Monitor Driver’s Body Movements To Detect Drowsiness, Kick-start Autopilot

Sleepy behind the wheel – Some cars can tell you ? How its Possible !

Driver drowsiness detection is a car safety technology which helps prevent accidents

It’s something that many of us had experienced while driving your vehicle ,that you will get automatic sleep there are many chances to get accident but here many of the companies are coming up with new technology inventions this new technology will help you when you are in micro sleep you will get notification or sound so that you can escape from accidents.

According to national highway safety Administration, drowsy driving caused 824 deaths in 2015(in u.s)the last year for which figures are available. Several manufactures companies like Audi, Mercedes and Volvo, currently offer drowsiness detection systems that will monitor your vehicles movements, when you are feeling sleepy .this kind of technology will works on drowsiness detection system where sensors are placed inside the seat that will monitor your activities this kind of sensors will work on monitoring your breathe and who is in sleepy mood.

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