Sleepy behind the wheel? Some cars can tell

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Vehicle Sensors To Monitor Driver’s Body Movements To Detect Drowsiness, Kick-start Auto pilot


Sleepy behind the wheel? Some cars can tell you

Driver drowsiness detection is a car safety technology which helps prevent accidents

It’s something that many of us experienced while driving,though we may not like to admin it its called a micro sleep,a brief state of drowsy unconsciousness that can happen even if your eyes remain open.

Drowsy driving kills.According to national highway safety Administration, drowsy driving caused 824 deaths in 2015(in u.s)the last year for which figures are available.

Several manufactures including Audi,Mercedes and Volvo, currently offer drowsiness detection systems that monitor a vehicles movements, such as stressing wheel angle,lane deviation,time driven and road conditions.When drowsiness is detected, drivers are typically warned with a sound and a appearance of a coffee cup icon.But manufactures and automobile suppliers are now working on advanced technological solutions that go beyond visions of coffee cups.

To find out if drowsiness can be detected earlier plessey semiconductors has developed sensors,to be placed in a seat,that monitor changes n the heart rate.Algorithm developed by the company indicate when breathing changes to patterns that are typical of someone who is sleepy ,giving  a warning before they feels tired.

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