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What are Trending Content and Alerts in Google Analytics?

Trending content and trending alerts in Google Analytics are the new features that were added in the version 2.1. Trending Content means you can see the 5 most recent trending alerts whenever your content is performing than others.

Trending content:

In Trending content, You will see a history of trending content here once the first article takes off.

Trending alerts:

Connect your site to the Social Optimization Platform and receive these alerts via slack or email.

As Shown Above, go to Google Analytics click on trending content you will be shown like this

Trending Content Alert:

Trending Content Alert is a new feature that was added in the version 2.1.

This is a new section that will show the list of 5 recent alerts whenever your content is performing than another one. Once you can know which article is trending then you can share the article to users.

Trending Content Alerts are powered by ShareThis Social Optimization Platform, for more information you can wist this site Click Here

Alerts :

There is an option connect your website to ShareThis Social Optimization Platform by sending an email invite. As shown in Figure Below


Connect your Slack Team in the dashboard or in settings and we will send you a notification alerting you to the activity. You can also create A/B testing for the trending content in social media.

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