Yes, You Heard it Right You can Now Experience Mumbai Slum Homestay as a tourist. In India you got many options to try out because every state every place has unique people traditions and food habits. literally, You feel that every state in India feels like a separate country. When you cross from one state to another food habits dressing culture everything changes. Experience Mumbai Slum Home Stay as a tourist.

India Has a lot of tourist places because of it’s oldest history, India has The valleys of Kashmir, the mountains of Himachal, the food in Rajasthan or the party vibe of Goa or maybe soaking up some sun on a beach in Andaman or south India amazing breakfast’s & Temples, India has all of it.

We all know that Mumbai has Asia’s 2nd largest Slum Dharavi after Pakistan’s orangi Town. But the twist in the tale Here in Mumbai’s Slums 60% of people are refugees from Bangladesh, Myanmar, Tibet & Nepal. 40 % remaining People are from other places of Maharashtra and India. They might be from any place India respect’s them.

How it all Started like to host there home to tourist’s to stay.

All of this began when Ravi Sansi, a young man who used to sell on the streets of Mumbai one day met a tourist from Singapore. She asked him to help her to show some tourist places which are scenic. He first took her to Girgaon Chowpatty and also invited her to stay with his family on Golibar Road in Khar (East). In an interview to TOI, he explained how her experience was.

“She slept in the same bed as my bhabhi, learned to cook and would wash her clothes sitting with my mother in the doorway. She cried when she left because she was so happy to have met me.” Life is crazy isn’t we hit up sentiments and make true friends easily in short amount of time.

The idea of making tourists stay in slums was planted by David Bijl from the Netherlands who worked with Ravi in a non-profit organisation(NGO). Later Ravi got the idea of starting his own homestay which will allow tourists to experience the ‘basti’ life and In turn, he can earn money.

The idea is unique and simple. “The guests will stay in the family’s newly acquired loft that sports a new mattress, a flat-screen TV, and an air-conditioner, but use the same toilet facility as the rest of the slum. We would be very happy if they eat with us, but we can also take them to nearby food stores or restaurants”, Sansi explains.

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