Yes, This new MIT’s headset reads the ‘words in your head’.  Voice computing which is taking new trends into everything and implemented by everyone.  It feels awkward when we try to speak with any AI voice computing device in public.

Same weirdo thing happened when Mobile Bluetooth came out to market. everyone who used to use them the other ones who don’t know they are using Bluetooth felt like why the F**k they are talking themselves.  So this is the reason we’ve been seeing the technology being used in the home, where people feel free to talk to their machines.

This AlterEgo is a nonverbal device that gets the job done in a similar way i.e Like other Voice AI machines, but without the talking. Check out the video tutorial of AlterEgo below.

AlterEgo is a jaw-mounted — device that’s capable of reading neuromuscular signals through built-in electrodes promises telepathy with Alexa. A team at MIT has been working on AlterEgo and that the hardware design should look more apt comfortable to use. The hardware, as MIT puts it, is capable of reading “words in your head.” crazy isn’t it.

MIT grad student Arnav Kapur said in the news that “The motivation for building AlterEgo was to build an intelligence-augmentation device(IA Device), Our main idea was that Could we have a computing platform that works more internal, that completely erases human and machine capabilities in turn some ways feels like an internal thing helping out humans”.

For More details About testing and Research Click Here: MIT Blog on AlterEgo

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The First Thing I should and must say Is “JAI HO”

An Indian scientist (Rongmon Bordoloi) who hails from Assam, has become the first person to figure when black hole’s “last big meal” took place. He is now leading a team at Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT) who found that the black hole “ate its last big meal about 6 million years ago when it consumed a large clump of infalling gas.”

Indian Scientist Guides Black Hole Research At The Prestigious MIT 

Bordoloi was among 17 scientists who were selected for NASA’s Hubble fellowship in 2015. The man, who belongs to Jorhat in Assam, has a PhD in Physics from ETH Zurich.

In a press release, Bordoloi said,

“For the first time, we have traced the motion of cool gas throughout one of the bubbles, which allowed us to map the velocity of the gas and calculate when the bubbles formed. What we find is that a very strong, energetic event happened 6 million to 9 million years ago. It may have been a cloud of gas flowing into the black hole, which fired off jets of matter, forming the twin lobes of hot gas seen in X-ray and gamma-ray observations.”

Jai Hindh

Indian Scientist Rongmon Bordoloi Guides Black Hole Research At The Prestigious MIT