Yes, Microsoft is about to launch a surface to compete with Apple Ipad. Microsoft has been working on Surface lineup with more of premium approach, proving users that what its operating system can do when combined with top of the line hardware.

But to help out creative professionals who look for a handy powerful tablet like a thing where they can carry easily, So this is the reason Microsoft is trying to open up its surface line in the budget sector.

According to the latest report from Bloomberg, Microsoft is about to release a $400 version of the Surface designed to compete more directly with Apple’s successful tablet by end of this year.  Yes, we know that every company including Microsoft with surface RT half a decade ago tried to compete with Apple’s iPad but failed miserably.


The new Microsoft Surface device is said to sport a 10-inch Display, directly competing with Apple’s lower-priced iPad segment. The current professional-oriented Surface Pro lineup starts at $799.

At $400, The devices reportedly won’t ship with a keyboard cover — To go along with the lower-cost device, Microsoft is preparing less-expensive versions of its keyboard cover, stylus and mouse.

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The latest available keyboard cover costs an extra $160, while the new keyboard will be priced a bit lower. Though they’ll all sport a kickstand and feature a USB C port for charging. Like other Microsoft’s devices, it will run on Windows 10 Pro with great hardware.

Microsoft is planning multiple models to crack budget tablet sector, they are planning versions with 64 GB and 128 GB of storage and models that can connect to LTE cellular network. This new device will continue to have the kickstand for upright typing and watching a video.

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Microsoft Introduced the surface hub 2 but do you even remember there is a device called Surface Hub. Microsoft just announced a second version of the Surface Hub i.e Surface hub 2. Microsoft said that selected customers will test the Surface Hub 2  starting this year. Microsoft hasn’t shared any specifications or price, but it won’t be available before 2019 for sure.


The Surface Hub was a crazy Innovation from Microsoft to ease Industry needs but it was an expensive digital whiteboard that could handle anything from video conferences to document collaboration etc. Microsoft also claimed that there are 5,000 companies using Surface Hubs, including 100 Fortune companies.


Even Surface Hub failed to keep up the mark Microsoft seems like it took interest to work on a second version. SURFACE HUB 2, with a gigantic touchscreen-enabled display, runs on Windows 10 and also supports the Surface Pen.

Microsoft has drastically reduced the bezels in SURFACE HUB 2 Compared to the previous version. With a 3:2 aspect ratio SURFACE HUB 2 looks like a modern TV now. Surprisingly, Microsoft removed the video camera from the main device. You’ll need to plug in external webcam above the display when you are about to start video conferences.

Microsofts Surface Hub 2 Concept video looks interesting where it showed that we can create a surface of hubs by hooking them to a wall. Users can log in to the device by keeping their finger on the fingerprint sensor. After unlocking you can find all your documents and data and accept calls from your account share your Data with others.

Microsoft is trying to be more and more innovative when it comes to computers compared to AppleSurface hub 2 could help in your company’s workflow if your company deals more with video conferences, Data analytics, presentations etc.


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Microsoft is making other manufacturers work easy by providing them Software, Artificial Intelligence and Cloud Services Support.

At Microsoft Build 2018 developer’s conference, Microsoft and Chinese drone manufacturer DJI announced a new partnership that aims to bring more of Microsoft’s machine learning technology to commercial drones which will disrupt the Industry. Microsoft’s current focus is making other manufacturers to use their Latest intelligence technology, so this might be a logical partnership although drones are essentially semi-autonomous  computing devices with features like ActiveTrack, TapFly, Obstacle Avoidance, Vision positioning etc.

DJI and Microsoft also plan to offer new commercial drone solutions using Microsoft’s Azure IoT Edge and related AI technologies for agriculture, Public safety and construction industries. Microsoft and DJI are already working together on Microsoft’s FarmBeats solution, an IOT and AI platform for farmers. DJI will make sure that Azure will be preferred cloud computing partner to analyze video data etc to Improve there products.


DJI president, Roger Luo said today during the announcement,

“We DJI the famous drone maker excited to bring the power of aerial platforms to the Microsoft developer ecosystem, Using our new SDK, Windows developers will soon be able to employ drones, AI and machine learning technologies to create intelligent flying robots that will save businesses time and money.”

DJI is about to launch a software development kit (SDK) for Windows that will allow Windows developers to build native apps to control DJI drones as a part of this partnership. Using the SDK, developers can also integrate third-party tools for managing payloads or accessing sensors and robotics components on their drones.

Microsoft Vision Build Developer 2018 Conference

“For Microsoft, the partnership is an example of the important role IP plays in ensuring a healthy and vibrant technology ecosystem and builds upon existing partnerships in emerging sectors such as connected cars and personal wearables this partnership gives DJI access to its Azure IP Advantage program,

For additional information, please contact:

Michael Oldenburg, DJI Senior Communication Manager, North America – michael.oldenburg@dji.com

Chelsea Pohl, Microsoft Commercial Communications Manager – chelp@microsoft.com

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Today International mothers language day (21st Feb 2018 ) Microsoft COO Meetul Patel Announced that e-mail address will support in 15 Different Indian languages across its applications and services which includes outlook 2016, office 365, outlook.com and EOP. The Users can easily send and receive emails in 15 different Indian local languages.
According to  Meetul Patel,  Making email id’s Available in 15 Different Indian Languages is an exciting step to making modern communications and collaboration tools more accessible and easier to use for all customers.
Microsoft-COO-Meetul-Patel-Announces-15-Indian-Languages Support-For-E-mail-Addresses-2
Microsoft COO Meetul Patel said that We are introducing new technology to use the language, not requiring users to learn the language of new technology.
The initiative is part of the company’s ongoing efforts to support Email Address Internationalisation (EAI) across its products and services eco-system and Compose this technology reaches in Different local languages.The languages support Unicode that means it will encode for different languages and scripts.
Microsoft announced last month about the integration of AI (Artificial Intelligence) and (DNN) Deep Neural Networks to improve real-time language translation for Languages like Hindi, Tamil, and Bengali.
This Latest technology will definitely help users in getting results that are more accurate while using the Internet across any website on the Microsoft Edge browser,
Bing search, Bing Translator website, as well as Microsoft Office 365 products like Word, Excel, PowerPoint, Outlook, and Skype.
Microsoft COO Meetul Patel Announces 15 Indian Languages Support For E-mail Addresses

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