Google Assistant was star player at Developer I/O 2018 conference, where Google showed loads of new features and tweaks. Google assistant talking to barber which was shown by Sundar Pichai Interested many, Google also confirmed Assistant will be coming to dozens of countries by the end of the year.

During the I/O 2018 keynote Google Assistant vice-president of engineering Scott Huffman said.

By the end of this year, the Assistant will support 30 plus languages and will be available in 80 Plus countries,”

Although Google didn’t name these countries, it showed off a map of countries where Assistant will be available for everyone by the end of 2018. To help you out, We tested out foxbuff Teams crazy geography skills so you don’t have to.

We did some research extracting out the list of countries mentioned below based on the map shared by Google during the I/O keynote. Below list includes both countries that already have Google Assistant and countries that might get by the end of 2018.

We know that we missed some of the countries because it was hard to point out those small countries like Singapore, Luxembourg etc. Hope you Understand.


Algeria Botswana Cameroon
Côte d’Ivoire Democratic Republic of Congo Egypt
Ghana Kenya Lesotho
Morocco Nigeria  Namibia
South Africa Senegal Tunisia
Tanzania Uganda Western Sahara
Zambia Zimbabwe



Australia Indonesia Japan
Malaysia Myanmar Pakistan
 Papua New Guinea Philippines
South Korea Taiwan Thailand



Austria Belgium Czech Republic
Denmark France Germany
Ireland Italy Netherlands
Norway Poland Russia
Spain Sweden Switzerland
Turkey United Kingdom


                                                                                                                                        Middle East

Saudi Arabia The United Arab Emirates


                                                                                                                                     The Americas

 Argentina Bolivia Canada
Chile Colombia Costa Rica
The Dominican Republic Ecuador ElSalvador
Guatemala Honduras Mexico
Nicaragua Panama Paraguay
Peru Uruguay United States


Will Google be able to bring localization to support all of these new markets (i.e. native languages, local news etc) we don’t know? But, Huffman’s comments give us an Idea that a few of these countries might get a certain level of localization Such as new languages.

Google Assistant first launched in 2016, Firstly landing on the Google Allo messaging service, Pixel devices, and the Google Home.  Google virtual assistant has since made its way to third-party speakers, Wear OS watches, Chromebooks, iOS devices, Android TV boxes, Google Pixel Buds, Smart Displays and appliances giving stiff competition to Apple Siri, Amazon Alexa other voice assistants.

Do you think we missed any countries? If you had received Google Assistant in your market comments below.

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Ahead of its Google I/O developers conference 2018 this week, Google Completely changed and rebranded whole of its Google Research division to Google AI artificial intelligence this proves us that they believe in Artificial Intelligence and machine learning is the future and investing high on Artificial Intelligence research.  Shows just how serious Google is when it comes to AI, which encompasses technologies such as computer vision, deep learning, and speech recognition.

Announcing the news in a blog post, Google said it has been implementing machine learning into every research and products they are developing over the last few years.

Christian Howard, editor-in-chief of Google AI Communications:

“To better Prove this commitment, we’re unifying our efforts under ‘Google AI’, which encompasses all the state-of-the-art research happening across Google,” wrote Christian Howard, editor-in-chief of Google AI Communications.

Google also changed the homepage for Google AI so that it features published research on a variety of subject matters, stories of AI in action, and open source material and tools that others can use and develop further. The old Google Research site redirects to the new Google AI site.

Even Google has also renamed the Google Research Twitter and Google+ Social media channels to Google AI as part of the change.

This change was observed after a reshuffle last month that saw Jeff Dean appointed ahead of AI at Google. It also comes after Google co-founder Sergey Brin cautioned on AI development and issues it might cause in future.

Not only google Even Microsoft is betting high on Artificial Intelligence as seen in 2018 Microsoft build conference. Microsoft is collaborating with other Industry Heads like DJI and MI making them to use their latest Azure IOT Edge technology and Artificial Intelligence.

My self as a Digital marketing Expert I believe Artificial Intelligence, Blockchain Technology and Machine Learning are the future and they Influence the Industry, in turn, creating more and more jobs in the sector. I even Suggest those who are planning to choose carriers in these sectors to observe the market learn and gain knowledge.

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