You heard it right a software tech company Chain Fin in China, is searching for Women who are attractive and have skills to charm codding programmers and give them relaxing massages.

Programmer Motivator

In this Software tech company, women are hired as Programmer Motivator. These women should chat and calm the stressed out programmers in the company by being a part of cheerleader, part psychologist etc.

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Qualifications: Females Must be attractive obviously, and should know how to comfort codding programmers and give relaxing massages to overcome there frustration and stress.

Beautiful Women Are Being Hired To Comfort Codding Programmers In china
Pic Courtesy: NewyorkTimes

Information Technology i.e IT jobs are increasing in China, working professionals are mostly male. male programmers who have no social life they suffer from the pressure of work they deal with. Ms Shen, a worker in the company shared her thoughts about this problem, “They really need someone to talk to them from time to time and we organize different activities for them to overcome the pressure they face during there work.”

China’s tech industry is so creative and hardworking that the reason they have a lot of companies which are rivals of Facebook, Google, and Amazon in power and wealth.

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However, in the tech industry of China, men are dominating the top ranks. For example, on the 11-member board of Alibaba, there is only one woman. At Baidu, a Chinese search engine company, and Tencent, a gaming and socializing company, there is no woman on the committee of board members. If we Compare these numbers with American companies there are three women on its nine-person board committee at twitter. At Facebook, there are two women among the nine directors.

The women in China have made huge progress in the workplace since the country has the largest number of self-made female billionaires and many start-ups founded by them.

Some of the Chinese tech companies are worried about the gender bias in their job ads which would lead to some other Beautiful Women Are Being Hired To Comfort Codding Programmers problems in near future. Top companies like Baidu, Alibaba, and Tencent have published many recruitment ads saying ‘beautiful girls’ working for the companies to attract men. Other players in China’s tech industry have questioned the objectification of women by start-ups and such practices in the companies.

Beautiful Women Are Being Hired To Comfort Codding Programmers In china
Pic courtesy: NewyorkTimes

Shen Yue, who has a degree in civil engineering, giving a colleague a massage in her role as a “programmer motivator” at Chainfin.com in Beijing. Credit Giulia Marchi for The New York Times

While critics say that this will certainly put a negative impact on the society if the tech world follows posting ads like Chain-Fin posts. Many other who support responded to the critics where men said, “If there are more beautiful women, I’ll be happier in my job. What’s the issue?” and a woman on social media posted, “As a woman, I don’t think this is a problem at all.”

Do you think this will impact Tech Industry in nearby Future are they doing it in right way? Comment below

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You heard it right Chinese police are now using facial recognition smart glasses powered by AI. You might have seen in many of the Hollywood movies robot’s scanning people for catching thieves.

But Chinese who are famous in developing new technologies are now caught up with facial recognition and artificial intelligence technology. Chinese Government is also supporting these manufacturers who are developing and researching on new technologies like AI & facial recognition. The Chinese government also made a decision that they should use the latest technology in countries security and military.

How Smart glasses work:

Chinese police on the outskirts of Beijing are now using smart facial recognition smart glasses powered by AI.smart glasses chinese policeIt is Interlinked with a database of videos recorded by CCTV cameras all over Beijing. Police Personnel have a mobile like a device which is connected to the Smart glasses with USB cable. In realtime it scans every Individual If anyone matches then It alerts making police work easy.

According to a report from The Wall Street Journal, Beijing-based LLVision Technology Co,  Built the sunglasses which are Introduced in Zhengzhou recently. LLVision company’s chief executive Wu Fei told to The Wall Street Journal that they worked with local City police did R&D to suit police needs and the problems they face.

Smart glasses Problem:

LLVision makers of smart glasses informed that they are able to recognize individuals from a pre-loaded database of 10,000 suspects in just 100 milliseconds amazing isn’t, but they also warned that government should safeguard the data from hackers and this might not work every time due to environmental challenges.

One of the challenges facial recognition software is that it struggles when running on CCTV cameras which are poor with video quality, and also because the picture is blurry, by the time it targets and tries to identify they might already gone.

No problem this is just start we as humans never settle and we improve day by day. By using smart glasses Chinese police are now true smart cops. Do you think AI and Facial Recognition is the future comment below?

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