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This is Real life Transformer J-deite RIDE built by Japanese

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The J-deite RIDE transforms from a vehicle to a robot just like the Megazord from Voltron crazy isn’t. Japanese engineers from brave robotics introduced J-deite RIDE a robot that literally transforms into a car with people on board, they also mentioned that this was the first such accomplishment in the history of robots and robotics.

The “J-deite RIDE” Robot which is 3.7-metre-tall and two-seater capacity can transform into a sports car. The whole process seems automated and takes just a few minutes

It can walk at a speed of 100 metres per hour or drive on its four wheels technically. But developers said they have never really tested it outside other than the factory which is located in cargo bay area.

Brave Robotics CEO Kenji Ishida with Asratec —initiated this project he said that he was motivated by his childhood transformer heroes in anime movies.  (Asratec— is an affiliate of the Japanese mobile phone giant SoftBank).

While also he admitted that it may look like an expensive toy, but the robot is made in an attempt to broaden the human imagination and also this innovation may inspire others to make better robots which help humans in daily life.

Developers said they are implementing the technology in the entertainment industry, such as Malls, amusement parks etc.

If this was a Michael Bay movie, this transformer would take just seconds to form. But this is real life and so I’m still impressed with what our scientists can do.

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