10 Tricks to wake up fresh in the morning

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Almost all of us are lazy to get up early in the mornings. So we thought of sharing these 10 Tricks to wake up fresh in the morning. For Most of us, the day starts with the alarm which we hate and kill up the snooze button taking a power nap. Which lead to laziness whole day. However, there are ways to start your day on a fresh note instead of feeling all groggy. Here are the  10 Tricks to wake up fresh in the morning.

1.Eat Healthy at Night

The one thing we miss is healthy food at night makes you wake up early fresh and strong. So, Avoid junk food, Masala etc. Instead eat high in protein-rich food like Paneer, milk, chana etc.

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2.Follow Fixed Routine Time

You should follow your own timetable at nights. Eat your dinner early and on time, take your medicines, keep a glass of water near your bed, So that you can reach out and drink during the early morning.

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3.Use Alarm Clock Instead of an Alarm on your mobile

Use Alarm clock Instead of an Alarm on your mobile because most of us keep alarm on mobile but we kill up snooze button and sleep for the extra time we all do this stuff every morning. So to overcome this use the old-fashioned Alarm clock set alarm and keep it away from you.

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4.Stay Preplanned about your Lunch and Clothes.

If you are planning to carry lunch to office stay preplanned bring all the ingredients to cook. Iron your clothes stay fit and healthy.

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5.Don’t kill the Snooze Button

You may be tempted to hit the snooze button when the alarm rings but try and avoid the routine thing which almost all of us do.

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6.Keep Soothing Ringtone For your morning alarm

Most of us still use Mobile phones to set up alarm on it. Avoid harsh crazy alarm’s which straight away spoil your early morning mood. Instead, go for calm peaceful tone so that you can wake up smiling.

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7.The Enemy Power Nap

Most of us are tempted to laze around for a couple of minutes more i.e Power nap. This might lead to a chance of drifting to sleep again. So, Avoid Power nap even you like those minutes of extra sleep.

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8.Sleep At least 7-8 Hours

Most of us don’t know how many hours is the best time to sleep. Doctors recommend a minimum of 7 hours and maximum of 8 hours sleep is needed for your body to rest.

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9. Stretch Yes Stretch

It is natural for all of us to stretch our body after getting out of bed. So go on fresh up and do some yoga stretches like Surya Namaskar etc. For those who go to gym recommend you to do some Stretch before you hit weights.

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10. Set your Mood you are Your own Inspiration

Stay away from last night negatives, Think of the day ahead of you and give attention to the positive thoughts that come to your mind.

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Extra Tip:

Drink 1 Litre of Water at least after getting up from the bed, It helps your metabolism and removes toxins from your body.


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