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Xiaomi’s Xiao Ai Is Digital Virtual Assistant

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Xiaomi’s Xiao Ai Is Digital Virtual Assistant And It Is Very Similar To The Google Assistant. Google Integrated google Assistant in there latest smartphones pixel 2 and pixel 2 XL within the OS. As Expected Trends in 2018 and Believed Ai, Machine learning along with full-screen mobile phones following the steps of the Essential phone and iPhone x Notch. Huawei took it further Integrating AI within there recent flagship Huawei P20 powered by Leica Incredible 40 MP camera Setup.  Xiaomi launched the Mi MIX 2s without a notch Surprisingly and has now introduced its own virtual assistant, Xiao Ai.

MI mix 2s with Xiao Ai Digital virtual Assistance

Xiao Ai

Xiaomi has released a Promotional video showcasing the skills of its new AI assistant, Xiao Ai. The video is mostly in Chinese Because they love and Respect there Language. In the Advertisement Xiaomi showcased, colourful bars pop up when the Xiao assistant is listening, similar to the Google Assistant. Also, it shows that Xiao Ai can set reminders, control smart lights, tell the weather, book tickets and other tasks that Google Assistant, Alexa, Siri can do as well.

Xiao Ai is completely programmed Voice based virtual assistant based on the Chinese language which in turn help there people and even for the company’s other smart home offerings as well.

Indian Smartphone Industry is dull completely fallen apart due to competition from foreign players. Indians can’t even Respect there Mother Tongue they cant Invent Ai voice assistant to help out there People. They always look up to foreign players to built something for them.

Xiaomi had Identified that Indian market possesses great potential and that’s how they are ruling Indian market completely becoming India’s top-selling smartphone company. As An Indian, I expect an India-friendly version of Xiao Ai making its debut with the Mi MIX 2s. I even believe they respect our language and I hope they stick with it.

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