Nikon’s Z6 and Z7 mirrorless cameras are here to hit King Sony’s Rule

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Yes, Nikon’s Z 6 and Z 7 mirrorless cameras are here to hit King Sony’s Rule.  Because I can’t even find other brands who were as successful as Sony in selling mirrorless cameras with there Alpha series.

Nikon finally launched its own full-frame mirrorless cameras, the Z 6 and Z 7, to compete with Sony after many years of the wait by Nikon users.

As we know Sony completely owns the market for mirrorless interchangeable lens cameras that are smaller, lighter and they also Sony believe’s in that mirrorless Camera’s are the future.

To beat and eat away sony’s lunch, Nikon launched these latest Z Series Camera’s similar to Sony a (Alpha) Series. Though Nikon is already established camera company which earns huge profits from existing DSLR’s Products want to increase there market share.

Pricing of Nikon Z6 and Nikon Z7

The Nikon Z 6 (body-only) will cost $1995, Z 7 (body-only) will cost $3395 representing the company’s most serious effort yet to branch out from its tried and true DSLR business.

Nikon Z 6 and Z7 Mirrorless Camera Specs:

The Z6 which will release in November packs 24.5 megapixels and has an ISO 100-51200 range.  The Z7, coming on September 27th gets an even more ridiculous 45.7 megapixels and has ISO 64-25600 range.

The cameras shoot really large, high-resolution photos and High video quality with amazing details, Thes are two reasons to consider the Nikon Z cameras.

You can buy new Z-mount lenses for the Z 6 and Z 7 or If you own Nikon lenses already you can use them with adapters.

Similarities these The Z7 and Z6 Big brothers share:

  • 1080p video recording up to 120p frame rate
  • Weather-sealed body with “same level of strength and durability” as the D850
  • 35.9×23.9mm backside illuminated Nikon FX format CMOS sensor.
  • Z mount with 55-millimeter mount width and 16mm flange distance
  • Hybrid AF system that automatically switches between focal-plane phase-detection AF and contrast-detect AF. Subject tracking and predictive AF
  • Low-light focusing all down to -4 EV
  • 5-axis in-camera stabilization
    This is a huge plus for both the Z7 and Z6, bringing Nikon’s vibration reduction (VR) to lenses that never originally had it thanks to the in-body stabilization in both cameras.
  • Both cameras are powered to record 4K-resolution video (3,180 x 2,160 resolution) at 30p, 25p, and 24p, making them apt competitors to Sony’s A7 series full-frame mirrorless cameras
  • Same software for UX/UI as other Nikon’s DSLRs
  • Dissapointing Single memory slot: XQD
  • Built-in with Wi-Fi and Bluetooth for direct transfer
  • USB Type C for Easy sharing and charging
  • Both are powered with EN-EL15 batteries
  • Both Nikon Z6 and Z7 cameras are powered by Nikon’s EXPEED 6 image-processing engine and can lock onto a crazy number of focus points:
    273 for the Z 6
    493 for the Z 7.

Furthermore, the Z 6 is capable of shooting continuously with 12 fps and the Z 7 with 9 fps.

New Tech Electronic View Finder

Around the back, both cameras have an electronic viewfinder powered with a high-res 3690k-dot OLED display inside

They also have a 3.2-inch LCD touchscreen with a 2100k-dot resolution that tilts, It doesn’t tilt to the front where you easily see what’s recording

Nikon’s Z6 and Z7 cameras also have built-in Wi-Fi to easily transfer content to smartphones and tablets.

By Looking at The specs camera looks great, but can the New Nikon Z 6 and Z 7 Mirrorless actually compete with
King Sony’s established Mirrorless full-frame cameras?

Eager: So can Nikon Z7 compete with Highly successful Sony α7R III? Comment Below

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