Microsoft Introduces the surface Hub 2

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Microsoft Introduced the surface hub 2 but do you even remember there is a device called Surface Hub. Microsoft just announced a second version of the Surface Hub i.e Surface hub 2. Microsoft said that selected customers will test the Surface Hub 2  starting this year. Microsoft hasn’t shared any specifications or price, but it won’t be available before 2019 for sure.


The Surface Hub was a crazy Innovation from Microsoft to ease Industry needs but it was an expensive digital whiteboard that could handle anything from video conferences to document collaboration etc. Microsoft also claimed that there are 5,000 companies using Surface Hubs, including 100 Fortune companies.


Even Surface Hub failed to keep up the mark Microsoft seems like it took interest to work on a second version. SURFACE HUB 2, with a gigantic touchscreen-enabled display, runs on Windows 10 and also supports the Surface Pen.

Microsoft has drastically reduced the bezels in SURFACE HUB 2 Compared to the previous version. With a 3:2 aspect ratio SURFACE HUB 2 looks like a modern TV now. Surprisingly, Microsoft removed the video camera from the main device. You’ll need to plug in external webcam above the display when you are about to start video conferences.

Microsofts Surface Hub 2 Concept video looks interesting where it showed that we can create a surface of hubs by hooking them to a wall. Users can log in to the device by keeping their finger on the fingerprint sensor. After unlocking you can find all your documents and data and accept calls from your account share your Data with others.

Microsoft is trying to be more and more innovative when it comes to computers compared to AppleSurface hub 2 could help in your company’s workflow if your company deals more with video conferences, Data analytics, presentations etc.


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