unbelievable Latest Wi-Fi system with 42.8Gbps super fast connectivity

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Latest Wi-Fi system with 42.8Gbps superfast connectivity

Latest Wi-Fi system with 42.8Gbps superfast connectivity will give you 100% Satisfaction

Enjoy the Latest WI-FI Speed with 42.8GBPS Scientists Recently developed a new wireless internet that is based on infrared rays. This WIFI works with 42.8GBPS  that is more than 100 times faster than Normal  Wi-Fi network that we are using in our daily life.


This Research on 42.8GBPS Superfast Connectivity done at Eindhoven University of technology in the Netherlands.


This Latest WIFI wireless data arrives from ‘light antennas’, which can be mounted on top of the ceiling, data signals are sent to your connected devices by Optical Fiber.



These antennas contain a pair of parallel lines that radiate light rays of different angles so that Signals can also transmit in the form of light rays. If a user connected to wifi and walking about and a smartphone or tablet move out of the light antenna’s direction, then another light antenna takes over automatically. this is how the fastest 42.8GBPS works.

Tracks Particular location 

The network tracks the Particular location of every wireless device using its radio signal transmitted in the return direction, said by researchers at Eindhoven University.

Different devices signed different wavelengths by the same light antenna to share their capacity.

Present Wi-Fi uses radio signals with the frequency of 2.5 or 5 GHz. Whereas the latest Wi-Fi uses infrared light with the wavelength of 1500 nm.

Latest Wi-Fi system with 42.8Gbps superfast connectivity

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