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What is REAL-TIME in google analytics?

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What is REAL-TIME in google analytics?

In Google Analytics we have Two types of services one is Google Analytics free and the another is Analytics 360° it is a paid tool we have to purchase. Cost of analytics 360° is $150,000/ year.

Google Analytics: Google Analytics is a free service provider and an essential tool for search engine optimization (SEO).That is used for Marketing purpose and help’s you to measure the effectiveness of all your marketing efforts.

Brief Information about Google Analytics:






What are the options that we have in Real-time Google Analytics? 


  •  Overview
  • Locations
  • Traffic sources
  • Behavior
  • Events
  • Conversions



In overview, we can see Right now active users on your site, we can also see page views per minute and per second.we can also see the active pages i,e in which page they are active.

In Realtime Overview we can also see Top Referrals, Top social traffic, Top keywords.




In the locations tab, we can see the users coming from different locations.




Traffic sources are of 3 types they are

I.Source or origin



I.Source or origin:-

Every referral to a website has an origin or source possible sources include Google, Facebook, and Direct.


Every referral to a website has a Medium so, Possible medium include Organic, CPC or Referral(FB, twitter etc.)


It Identifies a specific link or a content item or a custom campaign to tag link use your own custom values for the campaign, medium, source, and keyword.


In Behaviour, we can see two options one is Active users and the another is Pageviews.



In Events also we have two options one is Active users with the event and the another is Events with last 30 minutes.



In conversions also we have two options one is Active users with goals and the another is Goal hits from last 30 minutes.





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