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Top 50 Google Adwords interview questions and answers

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Top 50 Google Adwords interview questions and answers

1)what is Google Adwords?
Adwords is the system that Google has designed to assist in marketing product or services in Google search engine and its affiliated sites which have partnered with Google. Google will show your text ad when it matches your keyword you had added.

2) Explain how Adwords work?
Adwords will work on a bidding system If you Bid Higher Price Than your competitor you will show on top of the Google Page. Adwords works on “pay per click” that means you only pay the amount you have bid if someone taps on your ad as a result of a web search.

3) Explain why to use Google Adwords?
The traffic that comes through surfing organically often visits the website for information it takes time to show our website organically, whereas the traffic via pay per click knows what they are clicking on and what they want to buy. we can show them ads tailored,  So few visitors through Adwords might be more valuable than million visitors.

4) Explain what is Ad rank?
Your Position on google search results is also known as Adrank. Your adrank depends upon Quality score and bid.

5) Explain how does Ad Rank impact Cost-Per-Click?
The CPC opponents pay when someone clicks on their ads is mostly influenced by ad rank. Your CPC can be calculated by following way.

Your Price = The ad rank of the person below you/ your quality score + $0.01

6) Explain how does a Google auction work?
Each month auction gets run billion of times, and the result is such that users find ads that are relevant to what they are viewing The search engine processes the request and runs the auction that determines the ad positions and each advertiser’s CPC.

7) Explain what gets entered into a Google Account?
Once the advertisers define set of keywords that they want to bid on to show up their ad on search results, Google will pick a keyword from your account which is most related to the auction with the maximum bid specified as well as the associated ad. One can even check whether their keyword is showing up right now by clicking on keyword diagnosis.

8) Explain what is Google Quality Score?
It is the estimation of the quality of ads, keywords and landing page. A higher quality score can lead to lower prices and better positions it is reported on 1 to 10 scale format and also quality score depends on these factors like CTR, Ad relevance, and landing page quality.The more relevant your ad is to the user the more likely is that you will see the higher quality score because they might Interact with your ad.

9)What are Automatic bidding strategies?
The Automated bidding strategies are as follows:

I.Maximize Clicks:-
Automatically set bid to help to get as many clicks as your budget.

II.Target Search Page Location:-
Automatically set your bid to help increase the chances that your ad appear at the top the page or on the 1st page of search results.

III.Target Out Ranking Share:-
You choose a domain you want to outrank and how often you want to outrank.

IV.Target CPA:-
Automatically set bids to help to get as many conversions as possible at the target CPA you set.Some conversations may cost more or less than your target CPA.

V.Enhance CPC:-
Automatically adjust manual bids to try to maximize conversions.

10)Explain what is an ad group in Google Adwords?
An ad group is a set of your keywords, ads, and landing pages. Google recommends categorising your keywords into different adgroups.

Eg: Let’s take a real estate example

2BHKAdgroup = 2 bhk in Bandra, 2 bhk apartment for sale etc.

3BHKAdgroup = 3 bhk in Andheri, 3 bhk apartment for sale in India etc.

11)Explain How conversions are tracked in Google Adwords?
Conversions are tracked in google AdWords when we place conversion tracking code on the particular page or action a visitor takes on the website.

12) Mention some of the Google Adwords Ad Extensions?
Different ad extension can enhance the increase in traffic. Some of the common Ad extensions used in Ad Words are as Follows:-
Sitelink Extensions
Call Extensions
Review extension                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                  Mobile app extensions
Location Extensions
Price Extensions
Seller ratings                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                 Promotion extension

13) Mention in Google Adwords that options can’t be changed after creating an account?
After creating AdWords account Currency and Time Zone, cannot be changed.

14) Explain how you can improve conversion rates?

To improve conversion rates we need to create different adgroups matching ads with keywords.

Example: For party shoe keyword I should show visitor Party shoe related ad. I cant show them Sport shoe ad which decreases our Ad relevancy.

15) Mention the number of characters for Adwords Expanded Text ad?
The limit for AdwordsExpanded text ad is
Headline line 1st: 30 characters
Headline line 2nd: 30 characters
Website URL: 15 characters
Description: 80 characters
Destination URL: 1028 characters
In URL No images are allowed.


16) Explain what is the meaning of CTR & how you can calculate?
CTR stands for Click through rate. CTR tells the number of visitors visited your website after clicking on your ad. The formula for calculating CTR is given as follows
CTR = Number of Clicks / Number of impressions X 100


17) Mention what is the type of Keywords?
There are no specific types of Keywords however they are classified on the basis of how likely is going to be clicked by visitors and they differ from business to business.
Research Keywords: It tends to contain one or two words
Consideration: It tends to contain two or three words
Purchase: It must have more than three words
Loyalty or Brand: This must be shorter- Starbucks

18) Explain what is Google Ad API?
API stands for Application program Interface. Google Ad API is designed for representing large, tech-savvy advertisers and third parties who use AdWords extensively. It allows developers compile an application that directly interacts with Google Adwords server.

19) Mention what all things can be done using Google Ad API?
With Google Ad API, you can build an application that can do following things:
You can automatically generate keywords, ad text, custom reports and landing pages.
Develop additional applications and tools to help you manage accounts.
Synchronize Adwords data with your inventory system to manage campaigns based on stock.

20) Explain how you can track conversions in Google Adwords?
In Google Adwords, Conversion tracking can be done in following ways Tracking purchases by including basic tracking code provided by Adwords and changing it with extra code unique to your particular e-commerce platform View-through conversion window options tracks when a person sees your ad but does not click it (impression) By enabling your ad rotation setting to optimize for clicks, meaning that Adwords will serve the ads it feels are likely to be clicked  By accessing search funnels inside tools and analysis, you can also know when customers clicked on your ad for the first time and how frequently they saw your ad before converting.

21) Explain what are the other two options for bidding other than CPC(Cost per Click)?
CPC stands for Cost per click. Rather than CPC we have other two options are Cost per Thousand Impression (CPM) and Cost Per Action (CPA).

22)What are the Targeting options in Search network ads?

23)What are the Targeting options in Display network ads?
Interests and topics
Auto & Manual

24)Different sizes of display ads?
I.Square and rectangular image ads
accepted size for square: 200*200, 300*300
accepted size for rectangular image ads: 300*250

II.Leaderboard image ads
accepted size: 728*90, 468*60

III.Skyscraper image ads
accepted size:160*600, 300*600

25)what are the access levels in AdWords?
I.Email Access
II.Read-only Access
III.standard Access
IV.Admin Access

26)what are the different types of billing strategies?
There are three different types of billing strategies:
I.Automatic billing
II.Manual billing
III.Monthly invoice

I.Automatic billing
It automatically increases the billing based on your ads.

II.Manual billing:
By manually we can do the billing.

III.Monthly invoice
if we want to do monthly invoice the company must complete at least one year of registration. You must spend 5000$ at least in a month.

27)What is Ad rotation?
If you have multiple ads within an ad group your ad will rotate because no more than one add from your account can show at a time.

28)What is Rotate Evenly?
When an ad group is enabled will rotate the ads in the ad group evenly for a 90 day period.

29)What is Rotate Indefinitely?
The setting delivers your add more evenly into an adoption but does so far an indefinite amount of time and does not optimize.

30)What is IP Exclusions?
You can exclude IP address from campaigns so, that all adds to the campaign are blocked from computers and networks associated with those IP address. Most of your coworker’s keep on checking your ads directly by searching for keywords on Search them amaturely wasting money. Warn them to check ads on adpreview tool which is a free tool provided by Google.

31)What are Adwords Experiments?
Adwords Experiment tool allows you to test changes to your account by suggesting in tips to follow.

32)what is Keyword Insertion?
It lets you automatically update your ads with the keywords in an ad group, this can help make your ads more relevant to the user
searching for what you offer.

There are three different types of keyword insertion:
I.Title case
II.Sentence case
III.Lower case

I.Title case:
The first letter of all your keywords should be capital.
{Keyword: Default Text}

II.Sentence case
Only First letter of keyword will be capital.

III.Lower case
No letter should be capital.

33)What is Dynamic search ad?
It uses the Google organic web crawling technology to automatically target relevant search queries based on retailers website contains.
Advertisers with the content rich website will see the best results by using dynamic search ads.

Example: Dynamic search ad option is mostly used by e-commerce websites like Amazon, facebook etc.

34)What are the targeting options in Dynamic search ad?
All web pages
Specific web pages
page feed

35)What is an Opportunities tab?
It is an entire section dedicated to helping to improve your campaign. It can help you to discover new keywords Improve bid amount, budget etc.

36)What are Ad Preview and Diagnosis tool?
Google search results page for specific terms this helps you to see which ad and ad extension is showing for the keyword. A tool in your account that helps to identify why your add or ad extension might not be appearing at a specific time.

37)What is Over delivery credit?
Over delivery credit is when AdWords show your ad more than what your daily budget would normally allow, your daily cost would be up to 20% more than average daily budget but in complete monthly billing period you will never be charged more than your monthly charging limit.

38)What are Invalid Clicks?
Clicks on the ad that Google considers to be ill legitimate such as unintentional clicks or clicks resulting from malicious software.

39)Guidelines for search ads?
I.All caps are not allowed
II.Click Here is not allowed

40)What is Remarketing?
Remarketing helps you reach people who have visited your website or used your app.there are two types of Remarketing. Google records cookies for showing them remarketing ads.
I.Standard Remarketing:
It will show an ad to your past visitors as they browse display network websites and use display network apps.

II.Dynamic Remarketing: Target People who have visited your website for a particular product or services.

41)What is PLA?
Product Listing Ads (PLA), This ad strategy is used to advertise products ads on Google search and Google partners.
This campaign is also called as shopping campaign mostly used by E-commerce websites.

42)What are Converted Clicks?
Converted Click is a metric which is used to track the total number of clicks which resulted in a conversion.

43)What is Price Extension?
Price Extension is used to display the price of a relevant product.

44)What is meant by Search queries?
Search queries are the exact keywords for which your ads were triggered. By checking out search terms daily we can remove negative keywords which are resulting CPL increase.

45)What is Campaign Management?
Campaign Management is a process of creating and managing an advertising campaign for a company on Google Adwords. You may be assigned a client.

46)What is Click tag?
Click tag is used to track a total number of clicks on the links from different sources.

47)What is Google Adwords Double Serving Policy?
It means the advertiser cannot advertise for same keywords from multiple accounts. The purpose of this policy is to avoid showing ads of same companies which may collide.

48)How can you improve Quality Score?
I can Improve Quality Score by using optimization techniques in the campaign like adding up negative keywords, Segregating keywords accordingly with Adgroups and changing ads.

49)what is Keyword density?
Placing the relevant keywords throughout your content is very important it helps search engines work out what your content is about.

50)What is Ad unit?
Ad unit represents an ad location on one or more pages of your website an ad unit object include size an id and the unique name the id is used to identify ad unit objects.

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