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What is Adwords editor? How to use it?

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Adwords editor:

Adwords editor is a free software tool, you can download and manage your campaigns.Adwords Editor can help you save time and make it easier to make changes in bulk.

With Adwords editor you can do following things:

1. You can add multiple accounts in Adwords editor.

2. Use bulk editing tools to make multiple changes quickly.

3. Copy and move the items between campaigns and Adgroups.

4. Undo and redo changes can make.

5.view statistics of all campaigns.

6. Export and import files can be done.

7. Keep working even in offline.

       Adwords Editor: Download

1. After downloading Adwords editor open AdWords editor then  Click on  Accounts to open the accounts manager.

2. Click on Add.

3. Enter the email address and password, then click Next.

4. Select the part of the account that you’d like the download you can select All campaign or None or Active Or Paused.

5. Click Ok.

How to create campaigns in Adwords editor:

Click on Add new campaigns. You Can add single or multiple campaigns in Adwords editor.
To Add individual campaign
I. Click on Add a new campaign
II. Select the campaign type, name, and budget.
III. Select the remaining settings.

Make multiple changes on campaigns :

I. In the type list, select Campaigns, Click Make multiple changes
II. Under “destination”, Select My data includes columns for campaigns or Use selected destinations.
III. Type or paste your changes into the grid.
IV. Click process
V. To continue, click Finish and review changes.
VI. To add the pending changes in your account click Keep.

Create a new Adgroup:

Add individual ad groups.
I. Select Data>Add new>Add a new ad group.
II. If prompted, select the destination campaign and                                                                                                                                                   Ok.
IV. Enter the Adgroup name and one or more bids.
V.S elect the Adgroup type: Default or Engagement.

Add Multiple Ad groups:

In the type lists to select the Adgroups.
I. Click on Make multiple changes
II. Under “destination”, Select My data includes columns for campaigns or Use selected destinations.                                                          III. Type or paste your changes into the grid.
IV. Click process
V. Click Finish and review changes.
VI. To add the pending changes in your account click Keep.

How to add a keyword in Adwords editor:
To add keywords in Adwords editor follow the steps.
I. Click add a keyword.
II. If prompted, select the campaigns and adgroup where you’d like to add the keyword.
III. Enter the keyword in the edit panel.
IV. Select a match type.
V. Enter the max cost per click bid.
VI. Enter a final url.

How to add multiple keywords:

I. Prepare your keywords list.
II. Select keywords in the type list.
III. Click Make multiple changes
IV. Choose adestination for your keywords
V.Enter the list of keywords
VI. Click process
VII. To continue, click Finish and review the changes.

How to create a Dynamic search ad:

TO create dynamic search add follow the steps:
I. In the typelist, select ads and extensions select                                                                                                                                                                                II. Dynamic Search Ads
III. Click Add Dynamic Search Ad.
IV. Enter the description lines, display URL, and the final URL.





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