All of those Who Might Me thinking that Off-page SEO is not all about Links. Read 23 Off-page SEO Techniques You Can Use Right Now. We have social data(Customer base on social Sites), brand data (linked or unlinked mentions), reviews, and sentiments that search engines use in evaluating the relevance, trust, popularity and domain authority of a website/page which in turn affect our rankings on SERP.

As we know that Search engine optimization is all about ranking our site on SERP by optimizing our website accordingly.We will be successful only if we update ourself’s daily, Those who know some techniques yesterday might become outdated. Search Engine Optimization techniques are divided into two

On page SEO optimization: OnpageSEO is all about what changes we make on our site like Image optimization, Alt tag’s to images, Content Updating frequently, keyword stuffing, Internal Linking etc.

Off page SEO Optimization: off the page is all about ranking our site on SERP with technique’s Which are explained below, 23 Off-page SEO Techniques You Can Use Right Now

23 Off-page SEO Techniques You Can Use Right Now


This is one of the technique most of they follow. Having your own website and writing your own content which is originally written by you. Content should be rich with related keywords and quality content. Promote your blog in the Directories, share on social media, Comment about your blog under the comment section with a backlink under related content which can be crawlable by search engines. If you are not good at content creation and writing blogs then Hire a Guest blogger who would write great Content.

2.Forum posting

Create a forum Discussion on your website and encourage visitors and friends to post their queries, Ideas, Better Blogs So that. You can also post or reply to a thread forums that allow links which can be crawled by the search engines (“Do-Follow Forums”).

3.Directory submission

As Directory Submission takes the time to get results, This makes people think that Directory Submission is Dead. It is based on how effectively we categories and tag Submissions Accordingly. Submit your websites to the topmost quality directories like

www.One, etc. Nowadays above mentioned and some web directories may offer paid listings but don’t go for it Choose the one which best suit’s You.

4.Social Bookmarking

Social Bookmarking is on of the most popular way of promoting our website, I know most of them Spam Social Bookmarking sites without knowing how to use them. You must handle the tags which are essential to broadcast your news on a wide area network remember. This Bookmarking will Increase Website traffic if we handle correctly. Do some social bookmarking in popular bookmarking sites like, etc.

5.Link exchange

Exchange links with service-related websites like which match up with your content that can help increase your link popularity, which is a major factor in Google’s PageRank algorithm. Beware of Black-Hats while doing exchanges. like don’t link with the low-quality website’s and also which have low domain authority.

23 Off-page SEO Techniques You Can Use Right Now

6.Photo sharing

Share and Publish your Images which are Copyright free So that visitors are friends can use them and comment about the pictures. Submit your Photos to these sites mentioned below etc.

7.Link Baiting

I know most of them copy other site content and forget to mention their links, I would recommend you to mention their links in your content. They might also like your content if it is compelling. This is the way we Increase our traffic.

8.Video Promotion

These days Video Usage Has Increased phenomenally because of low data rates, you can publish/share your product videos, expert opinions, and reviews of your product with a link attached in turn increase your branding and traffic. etc.

9.Local Listings& Yellow pages

I know most of them Without even getting successful locally aim for globally, Instead of going globally and facing huge competition try to list and make it easy for search engines easily fetch the contents and view your website.


www.Yellow, etc.

10.Article Submission

If your Article is written by you with good quality content then submit to popular article submission websites mentioned below:,,,, etc.

This will help you to attain some deep links for your website I know though it’s usually a slower process it is the most recommended if your content is genuine.

11.Classified submission

Advertise your products for free with classified submissions. Try these websites mentioned below and advertise your products.,,,, etc.


WWW.FOXBUFF.COM   Off-page SEO Techniques

12.Social Shopping Network

If you own are work for any of the e-commerce site’s, this is a good strategy for advertising and easily branding your products for free. Submit your products to

and other major social shopping network sites like,,,,

www.Buzz,, etc.


There are many Question & Answer Forums where many others participate. Post their Queries If that matches your Content Post an answer with Link, So that they might open our page/website This Increases Website Traffic. An Important Tip to remember Post Questions & Answers With a link To it But DOnt Over post Or Spam Content. Check out these website mentioned below.,,, etc.

14.CSS, W3C & RSS Directories Submission

If you own a web design site or offer services or sales related to web design, submit your website to CSS, W3C website directories and RSS feed directories which, will help you attain more traffic to your website.

15.Press Release Promotion

Go for Pr Submission If you are a business/Service provider. Submit your PR submission in popular PR websites like, etc. This will help you to publish your site in Google News.

16.Business Reviews

If you run any business It is must that to have Business related reviews That May be Who had Experience your service. Which Inturn Increases Traffic Profits Trust In your Company.

Eg: If there is a Company Called Fox buff It provides SEO Services, landing Page should have Business reviews for whom we already provided service to them. Which attracts new Vistors Who Might Trust Us.

17.Community Creation(Customer Base) in Social Networking Sites

Nowadays Most of them spend their time on social media itself Its high time if we ignore Social Media, If You own a website or company you must and should increase your digital footprint on the internet which will increase your Website Traffic. I suggest You to Promote your blogs, products, Services etc on social media sites like Facebook, Twitter, Instagram etc.

18. Search Engine Submission

If you want your website to be crawled by Search Engines, Submit your website to Most of the famous website’s out there globally so that search engines can easily crawl.

Eg: search engines like,,,,,,,, etc., and get listed for free.

19. Cross-Linking

Linking Your Pages to one another page within your website with same content also known as Internal linking helps google to trust our website, As Google looks for Internal Link Popularity, with google algorithm support. We know that this strategy of linking Internally is hard to implement, but these types of links a search engine Expect.

20.Document Sharing

Create and Share your website documents related to business documents, information brochures, pdf and slides in sites like,, etc. This will help you brand your website.

21.Widget / Gadget Development

Create or Develop some interactive and innovative widget/gadget applications for your website and publish them on your blog/website or in other popular social networking sites like Facebook and Myspace which Increases Brand popularity.

Eg: such as an online poll or game widgets, Remember When You played a Game On FB are such sites like Your death day etc.

If Every Technique (23 Off-page SEO Techniques You Can Use Right Now) above Mentioned Doesn’t work for you. It might be not suitable for your business. Then Follow the Mentioned Bonus Tips Below

22.PPC Ad Campaign

PPC the name itself says that paper clicks those who bid more and have relevant keywords and content their ads will show up on the search engines When none of the above strategies work for you, go for a PPC ad campaign with your targeted keywords. Increase your Website Traffic Through Paid Medium.

23.Offline Marketing

Setting Up poster’s banners, pamphlets TVC Ads In order to Increase Brand Awareness and Let Public know about our company thus increasing website traffic.

Eg: Amazon/Flipkart Advertise on every medium like newspaper ads, TVC, Online ads In order promote themselves and get traffic.

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