Top 10 popular Instagram accounts

These are the Top 10 popular Instagram accounts Selena Gomez with118m followers in 1st place and Ariana grande 104m in second place followers, most followed celebrities on Instagram.

Selena Gomez – 118m followers

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Ariana grande – 104m followers

Taylor swift – 101m followers

Beyonce – 100m followers

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Cristiano – 99.2m followers

Big announcement coming @cr7limitless . Any ideas?

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Kim Kardashian – 98.7m followers

Should I be original and say long hair don’t care?

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kylie Jenner – 92.5m followers

morning 🖤

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the rock – 84.6m followers

Kendall Jenner – 79.4m followers


there’s no crying in baseball

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Nicki Minaj – 79m followers


Do blondes have more fun? 👅 decisions, decisions…

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