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Overview of Audience Reports in Google Analytics?

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Overview of Audience Report in Google Analytics?

Audience Overview is used to show the information of visitors on websites, what are the actions that are performed on your website.At the Top of overview  tab is a graph about the number of session performed by website users.

Audience Report in Google Analytics:


At the top of the overview tab we have different options like email,export,add to dashboard,shortcut. By using email we can send our reports directly to gmail,we can download the reports by export option.

Overview of audience report in Google Analytics:



You can see the overview reports of hours, days, week, monthly.



Overview shows the sessions vs select a metric click on select a metric you can see the options by tapping on any one of the option you can see the graph.


It is a group of interactions that takes place in your website with in a given time frame.A single session can contains multiple screens or page views.

Page views:

It is recorded every time when the page is viewd. So, when a visitor hits a back button or refresh still the page views are recorded everytime a page is opend in a browser.

Bounce Rate:

A visit with one page view it does not matter how long the visitor was on the page or of they left.It is a visit with only one interaction. 


In Google Analytics the users are,that have had at least one session with in the selected date range.Repeated and new both are counted.


Two types of visitor

I.New Visitor:

Users who are visiting your website for first time is called New Visitor

II.Returning Visitor:

Users who haved visited your website previously is called Returning Visitors.


Shows the age group of people, Language, country, city who is visiting our website.

Let us consider an example:



Suppose if we tap on browser we can see users visiting from which browsr, if we tap on Operating system we can see from which operating system the user are visiting.we also see the service provider.

For mobile we can see operating system,service provider and screen resolution.

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